About: Move. Make. Meditate.

A book-in-progress by Stacey Vespaziani that explores yoga, creativity and stillness as a proven path to happiness.  #MoveMakeMeditate

“There are many paths to happiness. 
Yoga just happens to be the one we are on. Join us.”

In 2011 when I opened South Hills Power Yoga, the above words were the first bit of text that I added to the studio website.

Today, I’ve chosen the same words to begin my book because, as I see it, the combination of yoga, creativitiy and stillness are just one way– though I do believe them to be a great way– to create a life of inspiration and happiness. 

I've opted to launch this website and accompanying blog because I want to document the process of writing, publishing and promoting this book from the very beginning while giving you, my reader, a chance to come along for the ride. 

Before we go any further, I have to reiterate: the practices that I plan to explore with this text are just ONE path. But– if you are still reading it might me the right path for you. Join me on it...

~Stacey Vespaziani 
March 2014